200 Words on AlphaGo

mar '16

Originally written for a job application: "Describe something awesome in 200 words or less"

In 1996, for the last time, the world's greatest chess player, Kasparov, defeated a chess-playing supercomputer. In '97, after losing the inevitable rematch, he remarked on the "deep intelligence and creativity" in "Deep Blue"'s playing style.

Last week, the Man vs. Machine experiment was repeated with Go, a 4000 year-old game with simpler rules but much more vast in its complexity*...


nov '15

I've never built a computer before.  As a developer who wants to understand as much of the stack I work with as possible, this feels like a gap in my knowledge that needs filling.

I started getting really into programming at about age 14, so I've been doing it for about 10 years now, and I've always gotten by using a mac as "my machine". I think my first computer was an inherited Power Mac G4. These were pretty cool: you could pull this latch and the entire side would hinge flat, so you could really see what was inside...


oct '15

Today I completely obliterated my first EC2 instance. A year ago I moved to Australia, and the lag when connecting to Dublin over SSH was just too much. I wanted a clean slate, running right here in Sydney.

This process is simple, and involves only a few steps. First, make sure everything you want to keep is backed up. Then shut it down, terminate the virtual machine that represents your server, sever it's connection to the internet it by disassociating its IP address, and destroy any attached storage volumes...